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Egg Boy #3

Egg Boy Week #21

Shoto was walking down the sketchy streets of Chicago and a scary guy comes out of an alley and Says “ My Name Es el Daequan so gimme them toes boiiiii” And Egg Boy/Shoto Shoves the Stuffie wuffie up his pants and runs away But his Stuffie Wuffie falls out so he runs away And so he goes back for it but it’s gone and all that's there Support a creator Code TSM_Daeqaun with a Nice tsm Sweatshirt so Shoto takes the Creator code and the hoodie goes to his room and types in the creator code and gets a skin

Egg Boy #2

Egg Boy
This Young Boy Named… Drumroll Please

Egg Boy, And what Egg Boy Was doing was Nothing Normal, So he Was on the Top Of trump Tower In New york And was Playing His Violin And He Started Dancing , Well At least was trying

To, His Mom Came out with V-bucks Gift Card and Screamed “You Want these V-bucks then come inside” And shoto Says “NO” and jumps off the Trump tower and starts Playing Frozen with his violin and then realizes it was completely out of tune, so He sees a taxi in air and says come to me, so the taxi Comes to a ramp rolls down the window goes up the Ramp and catches Shoto

Egg Boy

100WC-EGG BOY-Luke

It was a hot day on the shores of California.

Shoto was on his black bike just chucking eggs at people on the fringe of the ocean and a fat dude comes up to shoto with a torch with flickering flames and an opened egg on his head saying “ Come here Boy” . It scared shoto so much that his hands shook so his bike took a hard turn left straight into the ocean and washed him away. He got back with a soaking Black T-Shirt and a watery and rusty black bike, SO that is how he got his name of egg boy