Egg Boy #7


So Egg Boy was Streaming on Boy and he gets a $1 Million donation from blubberboy3426 saying play Fork-Knife so Egg Boy logs on to Fork-Knife and Joins Ghostly , Tofu and Nunja. They we played Fours and Nunja died by a stream snuper and reports the player 4 times, he was so crossed tofu was in a 1 vs 4 and 360 ooga booga no scope on all of them and then me and Ghostly were in a 2 vs 4 and it was the final four left besides Me, Ghostly and Tofu and tofu got one with a impulse qwenade into the storm and so did Ghostly but I had a pump shot that killed both of them at the same time to get the Vicorgh roachle


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